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Doğu Bağdat Petrol Sahasında Tanuma-Ahmadi Aralığı için Yeni Petrofizik Denklemler

Abstract: Porosity and density information were taken from five well logs scattered in East Baghdad oil field. Newempirical equations (porosity-depth, density-depth) were established for all the geological formations within theTanuma-Ahmadi interval. The correlation coefficient (R) of these equations derived for each formation ranged from0.04 to 0.61 which was attributed to variable lithological effects.The depth information for (126) velocity analysis sites covering the field were used to apply those new equations.After the new empirical equations were applied on the whole field, porosity and density contour maps for theperiod (Tanuma-Ahmadi) were produced. The locations of high porosity zones were identified and related to thecompaction and petroleum distribution in the field.